Here at Leading Health Solutions, our experienced team of occupational therapists can provide expert advice and assessment to help you find the assistive technology to suit your needs, improve your independence and better promote your quality of life. 

So What is Assistive Technology? 

Assistive Technologies exist to support independence and function. Devices can help a person maintain and improve their ability to function in everyday tasks, leisure and work. There are different categories of Assistive Technology, and many different items that can suit an individual’s needs. 

This can include things such as: 

Mobility & Transfer Equipment

  • Mobility Equipment
    • Wheelchairs
      • manual
      • power
      • custom scripted wheelchairs
    • Walking frames
      • 4 Wheelie Walker
      • pick up frame
  • Transfer Equipment
    • Hoists
      • ceiling
      • mobile
    • Standers
      • Steady Sara
      • Steady Eddy
      • ReTurn devices

Home Safety Equipment

  • Personal Alarms
  • Falls Prevention
    • stair lifts
    • rails
    • slip resistant applications
    • sensor/remote controlled lights.

Household Equipment

  • Bathing
    • shower chair
    • mobile shower commode
  • Personal Hygiene
    • bidet
    • bottom wiper
    • over toilet frame
  • Cooking
    • specialised cutlery
    • one handed chopping boards
    • jar/can openers
  • Cleaning
    • long handled and lightweight cleaning aides.

Pressure Care Equipment

  • Cushions
    • foam
    • gel
    • air
    • combo
  • Mattresses
    • memory foam
    • alternating air
    • combo
  • Mattress Overlays
    • spenco
    • sheepskin

Leisure Equipment

  • Electric Bikes
  • Arts and Crafts
    • one handed knitting aides
    • needle threaders
    • tactile tape measures
  • Gardening
    • stools
    • kneelers
    • raised garden beds
    • long handled gardening tools.

Sleep Systems

  • Beds
    • HiLo
    • height adjustable
    • companion beds

For additional information about assistive technology under the NDIS and what we can do to help you, please contact us.

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